What would happen if you
start your day with dance?

Imagine waking up in the morning and
dancing first thing.

Imagine as you step onto the dance floor, other groups of dancers, in different cities are doing the exact same thing.

How would that change your dance, your day, your year?
You don't have to imagine it... you can do it.

Dance With Us

Wherever you are, you can share this experience! Solo dancers, established
communities and individuals who want to dance with friends are invited to dive in.

The Structure

Dancers everywhere gather in silence for a short sit, allowing the movement to arrive from a place of stillness. There isn’t any guided instruction... Just each of us meeting the music, the dance, and the unfolding day together. We exit in silence.
Simple. Profound.
A customized Sojournal offers inspiration. The same music is played in all venues each day, and a FB group page brings connection off the dance floor.

Getting Started

January 5 ~ 18, 2015
[14 consecutive mornings, including weekends]
7:15 ~ 8:15 AM In your time zone Doors everywhere open at 7am for an optional 15 minutes sitting meditation
USA: $140 includes shipping + event specific, professionally printed Sojournal. International: $120 includes online event specific Sojournal. Everyone has online access to each days’ streamed music. Be a solo dancer, dance in a nearby studio, or become a Studio Host.

Important Details

Share The Dance

Dancers are welcome to become Studio Hosts and include their friends and communities in this event. The Morning Sojourn provides: a unique web presence for you, online registration and fee percentage, print-ready graphics, participant’s customized journals, access to each days’ streamed music, and support documents to assist your success in being a studio host.

Studio Host Locations


I’m a Soul Motion™ and movement teacher, with over 15 years of dedicated teaching and personal practice. A while back I found myself consistently wondering: What would happen if I started everyday with dance? This night owl wasn’t eager to get up early and find out, but the question persisted, along with a restlessness for change in my life. In June 2012, I offered the first Morning Sojourn in Portland, Oregon. It was compelling!

In January 2013 I extended an invitation to Aletia Alvarez and Daisy Jo Compton. Together we gathered our communities, while solo dancers in far flung places heard the call and joined us from their living rooms. Fourteen dawns later each of us were inspired and surprised in ways that profoundly impacted our lives.

Now this unique international event has crossed oceans, brought people together and touched lives on other continents.

It is my
pleasure to
invite you
to join us
~ Winky Wheeler