Soul Moves Studio @ ONESPACE HQ Bondi, Australia

Bondi New South Wales

Max Number of Participants: 20
Current Status: Reg. Closed

About the Studio

The Morning Sojourn returns to Sydney with an opportunity to dance from home or/and join us in Bondi at the beautiful new community space, ONESPACE HQ! 

Just in case there are any unforeseeable delays with the space preparations,  we also have a back up plan for Paddington!   

Here is some of what past participants shared.

‘Thank you for creating and hosting something very beautiful’  Bahadur - Sydney dancer

‘I loved the gathering together, awakening the day... felt like a pilgrim moving through the dawning of daylight returning to a community space meeting and being in the world to meeting again each day” Eileen - Sydney dancer

“I have so loved the morning sojohrn dances. Im going to keep dancing each morning, my life is better for it, richer, flows, i feel more me! I realise that dance is like breathing.... so important to feel nourished from my whole creative self, honouring all that i am. I never felt alone dancing, if anything, it opens the door of the heart wider when I dance with a tribe of others."  Cathy Garden - Solo dancer from Perth -WA

“The morning sojourn continues to make beautiful ripples of change through me & my life” Karen Fermin - Sydney Dancer


Soul Moves Studio @ ONESPACE HQ Bondi, Australia
Soul Moves Studio @ ONESPACE HQ
66 Bondi Road
Bondi, New South Wales 2024




About the Host

Dayashakti Geeti

I’m a Soul Motion™ teacher and have had the good fortune of meeting and training with some wonderful teachers and mentors during my studies in the USA.  Winky was one of them! She has been a great inspiration to me and so I was delighted when she first invited me to join this global network of morning dancers for the winter Sojourn of 2013!   

Since then we have continued to host the program every six months and it has been wonderful to be part of the beautiful community and see the creations that have blossomed  afterwards as well! I am delighted again to be part of this global dance meditation. 

In addition to teaching Soul Motion at SOUL MOVES I also teach KIRYUHO, a Japanese form of movement meditation developed by Kajo Tsuboi which works with figure eight movement patterns.  All of these practices offer their unique ways of supporting us to journey deeply into the heart of connection with ourselves, each other and the infinite world around us. 

You can find out about classes being offered through my facebook pages bellow or you can email me at for more information.


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