Momentum Studio and N.E.W Expressive Works

Portland Oregon

Max Number of Participants: 30
Current Status: Room available!

About the Studio

Here in the soft grey morning light, we enter the dimly lit studio, our cave, and curl back into our dreams. Our gentle breath, our heart beat, a simple unfurling of the moment. This time of introspection, of rich dreaming and connection to the deep Mystery, gives us the opportunity to attend to our inner life. We gather ourselves in the good company of other dancers to settle into winter. It is time to hibernate, attend, restore and dream. 

You can dance with us in our studio or from your home. All levels of experience are welcome. I have a space for you ~ will you join us?!


Momentum Studio and N.E.W Expressive Works
810 SE Belmont (Enter at back of building).
Portland, Oregon 97214
United States




About the Host

Winky Wheeler

I’m a Soul Motion™ and movement teacher, with nearly 20 years of dedicated teaching and personal practice. I co-founded Momentum Studios with Meshi Chavez, my teaching cohort.

It is my great pleasure to offer The Morning Sojourn! I love this practice and the way it continues to expand beyond our studio in Portland!

I look forward to the unfolding of the dance as we discover and deepen our relationship to our bodies and to movement. There are these moments when we crack open into a whole new way of moving, a whole new way of relating to ourselves and each other. It's magnificent! These experiences ripple out into our lives  and is part of what keeps me engaged and coming back for more!

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